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"Everything that I do in life, I do with passion, with love, and a thirst for learning and experiencing more of the science that is life." - Fire Sanders

Fire Sanders is an experienced coach, mentor, workshop facilitator and teacher with a total passion for what she does and offers - especially when it comes to the integration of modern Western science, allied health and traditional Eastern mind-body medicine and philosophy. Fire also runs her own successful international business, Whitehorne Scientific Consulting providing science communication, and personal and professional development to leading research scientists. Fire is a qualified Ayurvedic bodywork therapist, Holistic Counsellor, Meditation Teacher, Life Coach and is currently completing her Masters Degree in both Biomedical Yoga Therapy, and Holistic Counselling, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Introduced to Integrated Wellbeing and Lifestyle Medicine, Indian Vedic and Yogic practices at a very young age - Fire has learnt over the years the benefits of incorporating these into her own life - and they have been fundamental in her recovery from a number of her own life challenges, including trauma, loss, chronic stress, and debilitating digestive issues - and finding balance, peace and self-acceptance within a fast-paced modern society.

Fundamental to all work that Fire undertakes with her clients is: Care, attention and focus; respect; professionalism, individualised care: and everything that she does and offers to her clients, Fire practices in her own life.


“All we need is the courage to look for the possibility of change. Life is a joy, but we need to be able to face our difficulties and then create this joy from within ourselves.” – Willem Bouma

Willem Bouma is an experienced coach, mentor, and facilitator with a PhD in Chemistry and a Graduate Certificate in Change Management.  Willem also works alongside Fire Sanders, running Whitehorne Scientific Consulting, a highly successful science communication, and personal and professional development company to leading research scientists. Willem is a qualified Ayurvedic bodywork therapist, holds a Certificate in Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching and Meditation Teaching, and is currently completing his Masters Degree in Holistic Counselling.

Willem was introduced to Yogic teachings, meditation, personal development techniques, and finding life balance many years ago, and similar to Fire, these have been fundamental in his own path in life of recovery from childhood trauma, loss, a highly aggressive form of cancer, separation and divorce, and establishing a more complete sense of self and life purpose.

What underpins all of Willem's work with his clients is: Respect; care and attention; focus; and a deep understanding that each of us have our own challenges to face in life.


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