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At Mandaram, a significant focus and foundation of 'Integrated Body, Mind and Lifestyle Medicine’ is about giving the individual practical skills and tools to better manage their own health and wellbeing.

As such, education and learning is a foundation for all that we do.

We offer individually tailored, educational short-courses to provide our clients with the tools, skills and methods to be able to better manage the challenges of daily life; find more balance; be able to better navigate and facilitate change; pinpointing resistances and obstacles to change; finding more energy, motivation, joy and contentment in life; and feeling more empowered to create the life that they want.

We approach the individual and their life as a whole, not just separate parts – and the in order to balance the whole, the parts also need to be in balance, and integrate with each other. 

We also see an individual – as just that – an individual, and our courses are designed specifically to be tailored to each individual. We have no ‘one size fits all’. Therefore, whilst we have specific topics of our courses, the content, however, is fully tailored to each individual, their situation and their current needs.

Our courses are ‘one-on-one’ with our clients, not in study groups.

You will find below the list of our current courses.

  • More Numerous than Blades of Grass in a Meadow: Calming the Overactive Mind for Focus, Clarity and Balance in Daily Life
  • Mantra: Joy, Emotional Balance and Regulation of the Nervous System Through the Practice of Mantra and Chanting
  • Nada Yoga: The Power of Music in Quietening an Overactive Mind
  • Finding Meditation: Discovering Workable Tools for Balance, Stability, Grounding and Clarity in Daily Life
  • Replenishment: Practical Applications of Self-Care/Self-Nurturing Practices for Body, Mind and Emotional Balance in a Modern world
  • Fear: Relinquishing it’s Grasp to be Able to Move Forward in Life
  • Finding Self: (Re)Establishing a Sense of Who We Are
  • Goal Setting: Identifying Aspects of and Creating Change
  • Fight or Flight: Recognition and Management of the Stress Response through Self-Regulation
  • Neuroplasticity: Changing Self-Defeating and/or Negative Thought Patterns
  • Times of Change: Creating and Navigating Life Transitions and Change
  • Building Resilience: How to better Face Life Challenges
  • Inner Strength: Finding Personal Empowerment and Self-Esteem
  • Relating: Improving Relationship Skills and Interpersonal Communication
  • Goal Setting: Identifying Aspects of and Creating Change
  • Possibilities: Seeing Choices that are Available to You for Change
  • The Modern Epidemic: Establishing Work-Life-Family Balance
  • Neti, Neti. Not This Not This: Developing Emotional Stability Through Becoming the Watcher to our Unconscious Emotions and Behavioural Reactions
  • Directions: Developing a Better Sense of Self and Purpose in Life
  • The World Is As You See It: How Changing Our Perceptions Can Help Us Change Our Reality


Suitable for:

  • Individuals wanting to achieve more balance, clarity, contentment and resilience within their daily lives
  • Individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, debility, progressive diseases, digestive complaints, as well as numerous other health condition(s) and mental health challenges
  • Health Professionals and/or Yoga Teachers wanting to deepen their own practices, and/or skills set

Level: Tailored for each participant (Novice, Beginner, Intermediate)

Prerequisite(s): None

Time commitment:

  1. Face-to-face or online TeleHealth sessions every 4 weeks (see below)
  2. A minimum of 30 minutes per day dedicated to homework/study/self-nurturing practices that you will be assigned to undertake for each four week period after each Face-to-face or online TeleHealth session with your tutor


  1. 1 x 90-105-minute ‘one-on-one’ session (face-to-face or online via TeleHealth)  with your course tutor
  2. 5 x 60 minute ‘one-on-one’ 4-weekly sessions (face-to-face or online via TeleHealth)  with your course tutor
  3. Specific educational homework and personal reflections outside of the above 1-hour sessions. This may include, but not be limited to daily/weekly self-study time, self-reflection, etc. to help the individual incorporate what they are learning and discovering into daily life, and make positive change(s).

Duration: This course runs for a 6-month period, with the Face-to-face or online TeleHealth sessions with us scheduled every four weeks

Total cost: $770.00

  • $310.00 payable up front (payment for sessions 1 and 2)
  • $115.00 payable at the end of each session (sessions three through to six)

Study materials: As these courses are fully individualised, we have no ‘one-size fits all’ study material(s). However, please allocate up to a (possible) additional $150.00 for study books/materials that you may need to purchase as part of your course. These you can purchase yourself online. Some may be available as E-books.

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