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'Honestly - you need to check Fire out. She is AMAZING and you won’t be disappointed. I worked with her last year when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and her knowledge is ridiculous.'

H.M, North East Victoria, Australia

'At 44 years old, with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1, and a lifetime of being treated within an industry driven by only a handful of accepted methodologies, I decided, after yet another nasty fracture, to attend Mandaram Integrated Body Mind Lifestyle Medicine.

One of the great deficiencies of our modern healthcare system is an understanding that the experience of ill-health stems from many places, and often the body is the last place where illness shows up. When the body breaks down, which is where mine was, it is ‘the last straw’. 

The experience I have had with Fire has been one of immense benefit from the foundations and indeed, up and out of those. It has been through counselling, bodywork such as Shirodara, Abhyanga and breathwork that the benefits have been quite phenomenal. 

Fire's natural ability to get to the root of the problems and, using bodywork, gently releasing them has brought strength and vitality to my body, and mind, so I can actually see a healthy end in sight. 

It has also been greatly beneficial to be able to work with my general health team and integrate those Ayurvedic principles towards long-term health. 

Thanks to Fire, and Mandaram Integrated Body Mind Lifestyle Medicine, my post-surgery rehabilitation targets have been met, and exceeded, in a wholistic, dynamic and genuinely caring way.

- MD, North East Victoria, Australia 

'Mandaram is a whole body experience. I've dealt with tightness all my life, lifting heavy weights. This kind of (bodywork) massage was great for me to escape the stiffness. Great treatment room and amazing knowledge.'

- DG, Strathbogie Region, Victoria, Australia

'I’m just so enthusiastic and happy with all the online services that Mandaram offers, I don’t know where to start praising! Suggest you just join Mandaram and see for yourself!'

- RJ, Groningen, The Netherlands

'The life coaching course really challenged me with questions in such a compassionate and sensitive manner, as some aspects can be hard to acknowledge. This has given me a more complex understanding of my thought patterns with clarity and knowledge.  I highly recommend this process to anyone looking to delve into their past experiences, current challenges and to explore your current way of thinking.  I now have more of an awareness to be able to focus on a more positive future mindset. Thank you Fire.'

- JH, North East Victoria, Australia

'Earlier on this year I worked with Willem in some online coaching sessions. There had been some major changes in my professional environment, where I was struggling with how to move forward from a leadership perspective. Willem was able to help me to look at the situation from a different perspective, and also helped me to better analyse the group dynamics that I was faced with. This led me towards making some significant procedural changes within my group, as well as a change in my own leadership style. I am most grateful for this learning and now look forward to the year ahead with new perspectives and a new freshness.’

- NK, Groningen, The Netherlands

‘My Abhyanga with Fire was a beautiful experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fire tailored the therapy perfectly to my needs and I left the session feeling nourished, nurtured and with beautiful glowing skin. Thank you.’

- CD, North East Victoria, Australia

'With the time I have spent with Fire [in Yoga therapy], I have learnt new techniques that have helped me with my anxiety and stress. It has helped me to feel healthier and have a new outlook on life and how I deal with the problems that arise.'

- DG, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

'My first experience of an Abhyanga massage was no doubt relaxing. Fire is very professional and caring. I was made to feel very comfortable and welcomed. I will definitely be back again. Thanks again.'

- KM, North East Victoria, Australia

'The sessions I have had at Mandaram have been wonderful, moving, and inspirational. Would recommend this for all that would like integrated medicine of mind, body and spirit.'

- VW, North East Victoria, Australia

'I recently had my first appointment with Fire for an Abhyanga massage and I found it to be a very relaxing, grounding experience. The chosen oils soothed my senses and nourished my skin whilst working on the various tissues/muscles. I left feeling very calm and balanced. Fire is so thorough in her consultation, really taking the time to understand my constitution and my body. I’m looking forward to my next visit.'

- DE, North East Victoria, Australia


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