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Stress, and its effect on health and wellbeing - be it physical, emotional or mental - is reaching pandemic proportions across the globe - no matter where you work or what sector you work in.

Each sector and job description brings its own unique challenges - which can include working with or leading a team and the associated interpersonal relationships from this, deadlines, customer and supplier relations, and the mounting pressure of everyday work issues. 

On top of this, one is also expected to maintain a family, home and social life that is in balance. This is made even harder, especially in today's COVID-19 environment with and the challenges and stresses that this beings.

Stress is (unfortunately) part of modern life, and most of us live in the state of constant stress without even knowing it.

At Mandaram, we know from personal (and hard learned) experience the immense effect that work/life stress can have on one's life - and the long term health implications that can results from this. 

We do not teach people how to avoid all stresses in life, but we do work to help one reduce the unnecessary ones and manage better the essential ones through building resilience.

We coach and mentor individuals on how to better recognise and identify stress and its impact on one's life, providing skills and tools on how to manage this, make changes in life in order to be able to move forward in balance.

We approach the individual and their life as a whole, not just separate parts – and the in order to balance the whole, the parts also need to be in balance, and integrate with each other. 

We offer expert and professional services in helping individuals to:

  • Managing the Stresses of Corporate/Academic/Business/Trade Work Life
  • Facing the Challenges of Working with and/or Leading a Team
  • Developing Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Developing Project Leadership Skills
  • Establish a Better Work-Life-Family Balance
  • Becoming Aware Of and Managing the Stress Response
  • Understanding the Polyvagal Theory in Being Able to Measure One's Stress Levels
  • Learning Relaxation Tools to Manage Stressors and Build Resilience
  • Changing Self-Defeating and/or Negative Thought Patterns
  • Creating and Navigating Life Transitions and Change
  • How to be Better Face Work/Life Challenges
  • Finding Balance in Daily Life
  • Developing Motivational skills
  • Finding Personal Empowerment and Self-Esteem
  • Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Improving Negotiation Skills
  • Goal Setting – Identifying Aspects Of and Creating Change
  • Seeing Choices That are Available to You
  • Developing Emotional Stability Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Our Emotional Reactions to Work/Life Events

'Earlier on this year I worked with Willem in some online coaching sessions. There had been some major changes in my professional environment, where I was struggling with how to move forward from a leadership perspective. Willem was able to help me to look at the situation from a different perspective, and also helped me to better analyse the group dynamics that I was faced with. This led me towards making some significant procedural changes within my group, as well as a change in my own leadership style. I am most grateful for this learning and now look forward to the year ahead with new perspectives and a new freshness.’

- Nathalie, The Netherlands

All of our sessions are fully confidential. 

We offer both Telehealth online and in-person consultations (COVID-19 Restrictions permitting) for both our regional and much broader community. 

All of our services are personalised to the individual and our purpose-built space is located in a serene and private location, surrounded by landscaped gardens.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $115.00 AUD 

Duration: 1.0 hour
Cost: $115.00 AUD

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: $60.00 AUD


Working with a a resilience coach is part of a journey of self discovery, and is one where you need to be (a) comfortable with the process, (b) and feel comfortable with and trust the person that you will be working with on this journey. 

As such, our initial sessions generally cover the following aspects:

  • In a gentle and exploratory way, we will firstly discuss with you the issues and concerns that you have and then help you look at prioritising these issues and concerns. 
  • We will then discuss with you the options with respect to counselling, and discuss with you a forward plan that works for you.


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Willem Bouma has a Graduate Certificate in Change Management, and is a Holistic Counsellor, Life Coach and Meditation Teacher and Ayurvedic bodywork therapist. He is also currently completing his Masters Degree in Holistic Counselling. Willem also has over 30 years experience as a communicator, mentor, coach and facilitator, both in Australia and internationally.

Willem has experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of the challenges that working to establish a work/life balance bring - first as a strategy advisor for CSIRO in his early years, and later co-running an international coaching and mentoring firm (along with Fire Sanders), before establishing Mandaram. The key for Willem has been not to run from life's stressors, but to apply foundational changes within one's self to be able to foster and support resilience, which has proved so invaluable in his own life - both with work and personally.

What underpins all of Willem's work with his clients is: Respect; care and attention; focus; and a deep understanding that each of us have our own challenges to face in life.


Fire Sanders has a total passion for what she does and offers. Fire has an Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine and a Masters Degree in Holistic Counselling. She is also a Biomedical and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and is currently finishing her Masters Degree in Biomedical Yoga Therapy. She also has over 25 years experience as a communicator, mentor and coach, both in Australia and internationally.

As with Willem, Fire has experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of the challenges that working to establish a work/life balance bring - as a coach, mentor and communicator in her own business, and later co-running an international coaching and mentoring firm (along with Willem Bouma), before establishing Mandaram. 

Fire learnt the hard way in life, that not listening to the body's response to stress, and ignoring the need for balance, can have a significant impact on mental health and physical wellbeing. In her own experience (and in her experience with clients that she works with) - when one takes the time to look at life and it's challenges in a new way and takes action on building self-resilience to this - life can fundamentally change for the better (mentally, physically and emotionally).

Fundamental to all work that Fire undertakes with her clients is: Care, attention and focus; respect; professionalism, individualised care: and everything that she does and offers to her clients, Fire practices in her own life.


We live in unprecedented times at present. As such, we take the care and wellbeing of all very seriously. As such, we follow a stringent protocol for maintaining a COVID-19 Safe Workplace for both our clients and ourselves.

If you have a scheduled face-to-face appointment with us and are unwell, we ask that you inform us of this and stay at home.


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