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Code of Conduct

Awareness: Being highly aware of our clients' needs.

Mandaram is committed to giving full attention and focus to the needs of each and every client, during all interactions.

Communication: Communicating with clients with appropriate detail and full disclosure.

Mandaram will communicate with their clients at all times with appropriate details and full disclosure.

Service: Delivery of the highest levels of customer service.

Mandaram 's commitment to excellence aims to ensures that the client's needs and requirements are looked after. This is expressed by the level and detail of communication with the client, and the level of services that we offer.

Respect: Treating others with the same level of respect that we in turn would like to receive.

We place a high value on treating our clients, network partners and suppliers with the utmost of respect. We have the same expectation for how we expect to be treated by our clients.

Honesty/Integrity/Transparency: To always tell the truth. We are committed to being open and truthful in everything that we do.

Diligence/Attention to detail: Total commitment to ensuring all work is delivered appropriately, and of the highest of quality at all times.

Mandaram is diligent in providing services to the highest possible quality. In support of this objective, Mandaram has stringent quality control processes in place.

Responsibility: We take full responsibility for all of our actions and behaviours.

Our commitment to taking full responsibility means that we regularly review all our actions, interactions and activities with clients, and will correct any errors and/or misunderstandings the moment they come to our attention.

Change: Total commitment to change if at any time we find an area of our work needs to be re-evaluated and improved upon.

Mandaram is a dynamic company that strives for excellence and continuous improvement.


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